Joining The Band

There are dozens of band members who perform in Blue Man Group shows across the globe.  When casting musicians, we look for individuals who possess a very high level of musicianship as well as the ability to collaborate and adapt in the unique environment at Blue Man Group.  Our musicians come from all different backgrounds and many of them perform with bands and groups outside of BMG as well.  


Musician casting occurs in each of our cities only when a position becomes available. We will generally audition local musicians only to fill these spots.  When auditioning for the band, you can expect a casual and friendly environment (no suits and ties – lots of jeans and t-shirts) but the expectations will be high.  You’ll encounter a fairly quick initial audition, potentially followed by a lengthier callback. You will be asked to play a piece from the show.  The Casting Team is not looking for someone who has memorized the music start to finish –they will be looking for a solid sense of time, excellent musical skills and a friendly and open attitude.  Easily taking direction, quickly making adjustments and having fun are all characteristics of Blue Man musicians. 


Band Audition FAQs

In most cases, we will ask you to use our instruments which will be set up and waiting for you. 


We do not work with sheet music but will, instead, ask you to listen to some of our current band members play a song and then have you step in to play it back for the Casting Team.


For musicians auditioning on bass, you will be asked to play with a pick.

Current Band Auditions

Currently, there are no available positions in any of our bands.  When a spot opens up casting instructions will be posted here.  

WHAT to expect in an audition

Friday, February 28, 2014 - 14:15

For Drummers: 


Drummers will be auditioned on drums we provide.  You won’t need to bring your own sticks, cymbals, or drums.  At the beginning of the audition a group of Blue Man music directors will perform a short piece from the show.  


Byron Estep
Senior Music Director

What I like about the casting and audition process is the diverse and interesting people I meet.  They come to Blue Man from all backgrounds.  I’m living proof of that.

Dave Traver
Assoc. Music Director

When I auditioned to be a strings player for the Blue Man Group band I knew I was walking into a very different situation then what I was used to.  Unlike most auditions, it was a super fun process and I felt like my personality and musicianship were being taken very seriously...

Steve Ballstadt
Assoc. Music Director

I had never auditioned for anything like Blue Man before and I feel in retrospect the best decision that I made going into my audition was to expect the unexpected. I tried to keep an open mind and open ears...

Jeff Quay
Associate Music Director / Resident Music Director and Kit

I take the casting process very seriously.