Upcoming Auditions

To be considered for a future audition, please submit a recent headshot or photo along with a performance resume. Make sure to include height, weight, your current location and all acting and music experience. We prefer to receive all submissions electronically at casting@blueman.com.


If you must submit a hard copy, please mail to:


Blue Man Productions Casting

599 Broadway

6th Floor

New York, NY 10012


We review all submissions and will contact you only if we are interested in setting up an audition.



Chicago, IL
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 10:00

If you are in the Chicago area, meet all physical requirements (5'10" - 6'2", athletic build) and have not auditioned in the last 12 months, please attend the Open Call at the Briar Street Theatre between 10am and 4pm.


For Blue Men only.


Mark Frankel
Blue Man

Portraying a character as your profession is a unique responsibility. Sometimes when I'm getting ready to perform, I think about a family that might be on their way to see the show at that very moment and the conversation they may be having, sharing their excitement and anticipation with each other...

Gideon Banner
Blue Man

Seeing shows by artists such as Richard Foreman and the Wooster Group helped me to understand the ethos in which Blue Man was created.  And I’ve always had a great love for slapstick comedy: the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton.

Jordan Woods-Robinson
Blue Man

The continuous practice of breaking beats down into smaller, more detailed beats and dissecting moments into smaller and more intricate moments and thought processes are borrowed from Grotowski and the art of imagined circumstances and drawing impulses from your partner come from Meisner. Lecoq helps to be aware of one’s physicality and draw character from that, similar to mask work which is heavily reliant on breathing and body posture to convey story.