Best known for multimedia performances that feature three bald and blue characters, Blue Man Group is theater, ritual, performance art, comedy, rock music and dance party all rolled into one. Casting for current productions in Orlando, Las Vegas, Boston and Chicago. Auditions are held multiple times each year in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Orlando.

You likely have many questions. We’ll try to answer a few.

Step 1: Initial Audition

What is this? 

We’ll ask you to do 1 or 2 nonverbal exercises that will allow us to get a glimpse of your storytelling ability –and hopefully a little glimpse of you.  These exercises are simple and require no preparation.  They are not “Blue Man” specific.  

What happens next? (see more)

Step 4: The Decision

We make decisions quickly after the final callback session.  If you’d like to stick around to hear our decision in person, you are welcome to do so.  Otherwise, we will call you as soon as the session is complete.  

There are several options (see more)

Step 2: Drum Audition

A drum audition A short check-in to determine your level of musicality and/or skill as a drummer. 

We see many non-drummers so in many cases this is a quick assessment to determine how quickly you might pick up drumming patterns.

Step 5: Training

Blue Man Training is best described as taking a graduate course in creating the Blue Man character.  It’s not merely rehearsing an understudy role for a currently running production.

Training is ultimately an extension of the audition process in that you can be cut at any time. (see more.)

Step 3: Callbacks

There are several sessions of callbacks. 

1st session:

Depending on the results of both your Initial Audition and Drum Audition, we may invite you to return (or stay) for a 3 hour work session that continues to focus on non-verbal exercises, but this time around we are specifically looking to see how you function in trios.

2nd Session (see more)