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Joining The Band

Blue Man Group Band

There are dozens of band members who perform in Blue Man Group shows across the globe.  Our musicians come from all different backgrounds and many of them perform with bands and groups outside of BMG as well.  


Musician casting occurs only when a position becomes available. We generally audition local musicians only to fill these spots.  When auditioning for the band, you can expect a casual and friendly environment (no suits and ties – lots of jeans and t-shirts) but the expectations will be high.


On a basic level, we are looking for great timekeeping skills, excellent ears/listening skills, proficiency on your instrument, sensitivity to tone and dynamics, and the ability to play well together with other musicians.  Additionally, we’re looking for intangibles like enthusiasm, an open mind, and the ability to rock.  We’re not necessarily interested in how many notes you can play or how fast.  We’re more interested in how you use your skills to make music.  If you play with drive, authority, and a sense of musicality that brings both the listener and your fellow players to a higher level, then we welcome you to audition. 


WHAT to expect in an audition

For Drummers: 


Drummers will be auditioned on drums we provide.  You won’t need to bring your own sticks, cymbals, or drums.

WHAT To Expect in An Audition

For string players (guitarists and bass players):


String players will be auditioned on instruments we provide.  You won’t need to bring your own guitar or bass. 


Josh Mathews
Blue Man Music Trainer / Resident Music Director and Kit

I believe drumming and rhythm is innate to all people.

Blue Man Drummer


Jojo Draven
String Player

When I first went to my audition for Blue Man I had no idea what to expect but I came in with an open mind and eagerness to learn. Playing in Blue Man Group is definitely one of the best things that ever happened in my music career and my life. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the blue man family.

Josh Mathews
Blue Man Music Trainer / Resident Music Director and Kit

I believe drumming and rhythm is innate to all people.  

Jeremiah Kops
String Player

The audition process for the Blue Man band is as unique as the Blue Man character itself. There really is no way to prepare for it other than to show up, be yourself and be open to thinking outside of the box. Being greeted with a smile and an encouraging vibe as opposed to a "show us what you've got" attitude is what stands out most when I think back on the day I auditioned. Blue Man Group is a vibrant community made up of extremely talented individuals, rich in art and music. The connections we make as individuals within the community translates into lasting memories for the audiences we perform for. 

Dave Traver
Assoc. Music Director

When I auditioned to be a strings player for the Blue Man Group band I knew I was walking into a very different situation then what I was used to.  Unlike most auditions, it was a super fun process and I felt like my personality and musicianship were being taken very seriously...

Jeff Quay
Associate Music Director / Resident Music Director and Kit

I take the casting process very seriously.

Antonio Aguirre
String Player

Being part of The Blue Man Group has been the most rewarding and wonderfully challenging experience of my life as a musician. It has allowed me to see the world, collaborate with extremely talented people, and grow as both an individual musician and band member. As someone who had primarily played in rock bands, I went in to the audition with an open mind and just enjoyed the experience of playing new songs on exotic instruments. I am constantly amazed by how fun the show is and feel lucky to be a strings player with The Blue Man Group.