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There are dozens of band members who perform in Blue Man Group shows across the globe.  Our musicians come from all different backgrounds and many of them perform with bands and groups outside of BMG as well.  


Musician casting occurs only when a position becomes available. We generally audition local musicians only to fill these spots.  When auditioning for the band, you can expect a casual and friendly environment (no suits and ties – lots of jeans and t-shirts) but the expectations will be high.


On a basic level, we are looking for great timekeeping skills, excellent ears/listening skills, proficiency on your instrument, sensitivity to tone and dynamics, and the ability to play well together with other musicians.  Additionally, we’re looking for intangibles like enthusiasm, an open mind, and the ability to rock.  We’re not necessarily interested in how many notes you can play or how fast.  We’re more interested in how you use your skills to make music.  If you play with drive, authority, and a sense of musicality that brings both the listener and your fellow players to a higher level, then we welcome you to audition. 


Tim Aumiller
Director of Casting and Training

The bulk of my training, study and experience focused on text based theatre.  So the idea of directing and developing non-verbal performers was initially a bit perplexing.  Then I realized that everything is transferable.  Everything applies.

Matt Ramsey
Associate Director, Live Shows

In the years I've spent performing this character, and teaching it to others, I have realized that the essential qualities that make a great Blue Man are the same qualities that make a great human being...

Gideon Banner
Blue Man

Seeing shows by artists such as Richard Foreman and the Wooster Group helped me to understand the ethos in which Blue Man was created.  And I’ve always had a great love for slapstick comedy: the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton.

Anthony Parrulli
Blue Man

I think you have to be a strong, physical drummer for starters. Then, you must be able to portray a character, bring your innermost energy to life, not be afraid to open yourself up and allow your inner being to break free...

Dave Traver
Assoc. Music Director

When I auditioned to be a strings player for the Blue Man Group band I knew I was walking into a very different situation then what I was used to.  Unlike most auditions, it was a super fun process and I felt like my personality and musicianship were being taken very seriously...

Tascha Van Auken
Asst. Director of Casting and Training

Casting and Training Blue Men is always a bit of an exploratory adventure.  While there are, of course, certain base skills and physical requirements we look for, what I look forward to is discovering the wonderful oddities that make each person distinctly who they are. 

Pete Simpson
Blue Man Trainer

In playing or training the character, I think it helps to embrace some of its paradoxes.  The character arrives, w/ his cohorts, on a very clear, urgent mission; one that would seem to require a unity (and foreknowledge) of their strategies, methods, equipment, etc.. 

Mark Frankel
Blue Man

Portraying a character as your profession is a unique responsibility. Sometimes when I'm getting ready to perform, I think about a family that might be on their way to see the show at that very moment and the conversation they may be having, sharing their excitement and anticipation with each other...

Byron Estep
Senior Music Director

What I like about the casting and audition process is the diverse and interesting people I meet.  They come to Blue Man from all backgrounds.  I’m living proof of that.

Josh Mathews
Blue Man Music Trainer / Resident Music Director and Kit

I believe drumming and rhythm is innate to all people.  

Randall Jaynes
Director of Performer Development / Blue Man

It's not acting when a child leaves cookies out for Santa.

Jordan Woods-Robinson
Blue Man

The continuous practice of breaking beats down into smaller, more detailed beats and dissecting moments into smaller and more intricate moments and thought processes are borrowed from Grotowski and the art of imagined circumstances and drawing impulses from your partner come from Meisner. Lecoq helps to be aware of one’s physicality and draw character from that, similar to mask work which is heavily reliant on breathing and body posture to convey story.  

Callum Grant
Blue Man

The ability to still act like a complete child in all the best ways helped prepare me.

Steve Ballstadt
Assoc. Music Director

I had never auditioned for anything like Blue Man before and I feel in retrospect the best decision that I made going into my audition was to expect the unexpected. I tried to keep an open mind and open ears...

Blue Man Drummer



WHAT To Expect in An Audition

For string players (guitarists and bass players):


String players will be auditioned on instruments we provide.  You won’t need to bring your own guitar or bass. 

WHAT to expect in an audition

For Drummers: 


Drummers will be auditioned on drums we provide.  You won’t need to bring your own sticks, cymbals, or drums.

BAND Auditions: Chicago Drummer

Chicago, IL
Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 00:00


Drum Kit Auditions

Blue Man Group is seeking energetic female and male Drummers for future Chicago production. Must possess a very high level of musicianship...