Mark Frankel

Blue Man

Portraying a character as your profession is a unique responsibility. Sometimes when I’m getting ready to perform, I think about a family that might be on their way to see the show at that very moment and the conversation they may be having, sharing their excitement and anticipation with each other. Before I put the makeup on, I’m irrelevant to them. From the stage, I become an active participant in their lives, at least for this fleeting moment. It reminds me that in anything we do, interaction with one another in some form is at its core, driving us.  In the context of the blue man show, that interaction becomes hyper-focused; it can be very intense.  We go into the audience and look directly into a person’s eyes; where it goes from there is up to the both of us, then and there.  I studied drumming, not acting. Regardless of my or anyone else’s path though, it’s that moment of connection that we’re striving for.  Whatever level of craft we bring to the show is simply a means to make the connection that much more immediate. 

Mark Frankel, Blue Man Group

Mark is a Blue Man Trainer and a Blue Man.