Pete Simpson

Blue Man Trainer

In playing or training the character, I think it helps to embrace some of its paradoxes.  The character arrives, w/ his cohorts, on a very clear, urgent mission; one that would seem to require a unity (and foreknowledge) of their strategies, methods, equipment, etc..  Yet it’s early in the mission they find they have nor very easily receive any of this (and are, in fact, at times stripped down to being unified by little other than the mission’s urgency).  In spite of this, they still move into each moment taking fragile-to-fanatical leaps of faith that whatever seemingly crazy action they take, they’ll somehow get back on track w/ the mission; and by show’s end, that faith sort of magically pays off.  I think it’s that oscillation between heroic knowing, innocent bewilderment and shamanic faith that gives the character a lot of its mystique.  When a performer can toggle between those states (especially if anchored in a mature self-knowing), it can make for a really remarkable Blue Man.


Pete Simpson, Blue Man Group

Pete is a Blue Man Trainer and Blue Man in New York.  He has also been a cast member in Amsterdam.