Step 3: Callbacks

There are several sessions of callbacks. 

1st session:

Depending on the results of both your Initial Audition and Drum Audition, we may invite you to return (or stay) for a 3 hour work session that continues to focus on non-verbal exercises, but this time around we are specifically looking to see how you function in trios.  The goals here are high levels of non-verbal communication, clear storytelling and group decision making.  Cuts may be made at the end of this session.

2nd Session:

Now we move on to Blue Man material.  Hopefully everything you have done before will begin to make sense as we teach you a piece from the show and reference the exercises we’ve been working with.  Another 3 hour (minimum) group work session.  Cuts may be made at the end of this session.

Bald & Blue Work Session and Review:

The final session will get you into full make-up and a basic costume.  You will perform the piece for the team –maybe once, maybe twice, maybe in different combinations or in different roles.  Again you should expect a minimum of 3 hours for this session.