Step 4: The Decision

We make decisions quickly after the final callback session.  If you’d like to stick around to hear our decision in person, you are welcome to do so.  Otherwise, we will call you as soon as the session is complete.  

There are several options:

We will not move forward:  for whatever reason, we don’t feel confident to offer you a position in a training class. 

We will move forward:  we’d like to put you on the list of performers waiting to attend the next available Training Class at the New York Casting and Training Center.

We want to move forward but you need to become a drummer (or stronger drummer):  If this is the case, depending on your level of skill, we will offer you lessons with our local Drum Teacher.  This generally takes a minimum of 3 months but may take longer.  Your participation in a future Training Class is dependent upon your Drum Teacher’s Sign-Off on your ability.