Tascha Van Auken

Casting Director

Casting and Training Blue Men is always a bit of an exploratory adventure.  While there are, of course, certain base skills and physical requirements we look for, what I look forward to is discovering the wonderful oddities that make each person distinctly who they are.  Every Blue Man is based on the person performing; therefore we learn a lot about every person who works their way through auditions and the eight week training process.  The real payoff is that we get to see these qualities emerge over the course of this time on stage.  For me, the show itself is about human connection – or more specifically – our efforts at connection.  The Blue Man is a sort of primal investigator in this arena – demonstrating by his own efforts, just how much we all need one another.  It’s encouraging to be reminded that we can each be so remarkably unique and yet so wholly a part of the same human mission.

Tascha is the Asst. Director of Casting and Training for Blue Man Productions.