Tim Aumiller

Director of Casting and Training

The bulk of my training, study and experience focused on text based theatre.  So the idea of directing and developing non-verbal performers was initially a bit perplexing.  Then I realized that everything is transferable.  Everything applies.  You still have an objective in every moment, you have a greater goal.  There are obstacles.  These things exist in theatre, in drama, regardless of whether you speak or not.  The way in is to completely launch yourself into the given circumstances of the character and, ultimately, the environment in which you find yourself.  These are the keys to finding your Blue Man.  You have to believe in the Blue Man’s mission and the necessity of this mission to connect the people who are your audience that night.  I love the immediacy of the event –this is the thing that still makes watching the performance compelling for me every time.  Seeing a new performer “get” it is super satisfying.  

Tim is the Director of Casting and Training for Blue Man Productions.